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My Story


My name is Lisa Preecs.  I am a military spouse, mother of three, previous K-12 teacher and now small business owner.  I started Heartfelt Words in 2008.  It has had its roller coaster ride of business ups and downs.  As the military life has taken us from state to state, my business has changed along with it.  I LOVE what I do!  I can tell so many stories about the amazing experiences that I've had running my business.  It has been such an honor to be able to touch people's lives in countless ways through my business.  I've had the privilege of helping people who are starting their own business with creating banners and car advertisements.  I have helped people decorate their homes with meaningful quotes and sayings.  I've worked one on one with people to create special gifts for people they care about.  I work with businesses that give "Thank-you" gifts to their clients to show how much they appreciate their business.  I've done home shows, special events and numerous holiday fairs.  Every experience has helped me to grow personally as well as in running my business.  Every day brings new challenges and opportunities.  My goal is to continue to grow my business and touch people's lives in new and unique ways.


Product Overview

One of the benefits of owning my own business is that I have a lot of freedom to create.  That allows me the opportunity to create a product that will fit every need.  Some people have a specific location that they want to create something for.  We can play with size, color, font and style.  I work with many people through email with pictures and designs.  My clients can take a picture of their space and I can overlay many design ideas as we both decide changes to make something perfect for them.  Then there are some who browse my finished products and the perfect thing jumps right out to them and they buy it.  By far, my most popular products are the personalized ones.  They come in many forms.  They are on wood, tile, glass, mirrors, etc...  Some are perfect wedding gifts that commemorate the special day, others are gifts that represent the family.  I've even done tombstones for furry friends that have passed on.  My 12" monogram tiles make the perfect housewarming gift.  They have the family's last name and the monogram letter.  The wonderful thing about these gifts is that they become a very special part of the home.  The gift giver is remembered in a special way because they took the time to think ahead, and create something that is a one of a kind piece made just for them.  I care very deeply about the way my products represent me and my business.  So, a lot of time, effort, and heart goes into everything I do.  That is where the name "Heartfelt Words" comes from.  I want my products to represent more than something to look at.  I want each product to be felt with your heart!

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